Optogenetics Angled Cannula Calculator

Calculating angled fibre placement

Starting Coordinates and Angle:
Lateral (mm):
Dorsal (mm):
Angle (degrees):

New Angled Coordinates:
Lateral (mm):
Dorsal (mm):

Use this tool to calculate angled cannula coordinates for in vivo optogenetics. Angled fibres are often needed for bilateral stimulation.

Simply input the lateral and dorsal coordinates for your target brain region, and the angle you want to have your fibres at. I recommend 10 degrees, but feel free to change it. Then press Calculate, and it will tell you new coordinates to reach your target site at the given angle.

This diagram shows how I’ve calculated the new coordinates:

How the tool works to calculate angled fibre coordinates for bilateral in vivo optogenetics.

For more information check out this blog post. If you use this calculator to help inform your experiments, please reference it as: https://nicneuro.net/calculate-angled-cannula-coordinates/

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