Numb Sensation – Related to the brain?

Guitar Guy

I have played guitar for 10 years, but recently had to take over a 1 1/2 year break due to an injury sustained from over-playing. At the time of the injury, it felt like my left hand and forearm simply “gave up” and decided to call it quits. On top of pain in the fingers and wrist, I had very little strength in the entire hand. It feels like my brain is trying to, but cannot register a normal sensation of things like sweat on your fingertips, dampness on a cloth, texture of materials, and even temperatures at times. It causes a headache and tingling above my left eye and stretching to the top of the left side of my head when I try to register anything my left hand explores.

After living with the injury and having doctors uncover no evidence for explanations such as carpal tunnel or arthritis, we are all left in confusion.

Is there a neurological explanation for why my hand and fingers feel this way?

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