I am a neuroscientist with over a decade of in vivo research, including neuroscience, physiology and behaviour. I have particular expertise with optogenetics, optimising challenging techniques and making equipment that is easy to use.

I have set up multiple in vivo techniques in the lab, including stereotaxic microinjections, telemetry recording and analysis, and optogenetics. This includes researching, purchasing and optimising the physical setup.

I have taught complex techniques to many people over the years, including technicians, students and postdocs. This includes not just the physical methods, but also planning studies, writing protocols and analysing data. I have also created my own equipment, particularly for optogenetic control or for improving animal welfare with the 3R’s, and have made custom kit for others.

I offer neuroscience consulting services, with a particular expertise for in vivo optogenetics. Professional services provided include the following:

  • Equipment purchase and/or setup
  • 1-on-1 teaching/consulting
  • Bespoke experimental planning
  • Tailored protocols with the possibility of on-site training
  • Group teaching events (online or in-person workshops)
  • Custom equipment design and manufacture

To organise a no-obligation initial 30 minute meeting, please send a message below:

Previous clients include:

Designing equipment and electronics for Metofico, for use in in vivo experiments.

Designed and manufactured mouse food hoppers for Claire Feetham in the Luckman lab.

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