Here are some freely available resources for neuroscience researchers. I hope you use them and find them helpful. And please leave any feedback or suggestions using the form at the bottom of this page.

Opto Guide

My user guide to optogenetics. In vivo optogenetics is an important technique, but it’s challenging to do right. Hopefully my guide will be useful to anyone wanting to start using optogenetics, as well as providing tips to those with more experience.

Neuroscience Network Forum

Because I don’t know everything about neuroscience, I set up a discussion forum. I invite anyone with any kind of issue or question related to neuroscience to ask it here, and hopefully we can find an expert to answer it.

Open Optogenetics

My attempt to counter the cost and exclusivity of optogenetics. Here you will find curated lists of open source optogenetics equipment. I have also included examples of how to incorporate this kit into your setups.

Equipment Reviews

How do you know what neuroscience equipment to buy, or where to buy it from? I’ll only endorse something if I’ve used it and know it works. And you know there’s no bias, I’m completely independent, with no conflicts of interest.


I have developed a range of tools to aid your in vivo optogenetics journey:


Here are some sites I’ve found useful in my time as an optogeneticist:

Some manufacturers/suppliers of optogenetics equipment:

Some manufacturers/suppliers of behaviour equipment:

Some manufacturers/suppliers of physiology equipment:

Some manufacturers/suppliers of in vivo neuronal activity measurement equipment:


I hope these neuroscience resources are useful for you. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send a message below.

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