IR beam break activity monitors


16 IR Beam-break activity monitors for non-invasive tracking of locomotor activity.

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IR beam break system for mouse locomotor activity tracking. Record from up to 8 cages simultaneously. Sensors go on the outside of a mouse’s home cage, 2 IR beams per cage. Easy to use, comes with free copy of open-source recording software and helps improve the 3R’s by non-invasive recording. For more information about the development of this technology, check out this blog post.

This product helps refine the use of animals in research.

Contains: 16 each IR LEDs and sensors; 64 LED/sensor holders (32 each for attachment to the cage or freestanding magnetised); 8 connecting cables; 1 control box and USB connector; simple instructions to record using free open-source software.


Power: mains or USB

Outputs: none

Inputs: 16 IR beam break sensors to record from up to 8 cages simultaneously

Controls: none

Data acquisition: Open source data logging program (supplied with the hardware), via USB to a PC.


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